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Distant learning


At the distance courses classes are held on an individual schedule. After signing the contract the listener gets access to the Internet portal (http://de.msu.ru - official partner of the RSUPESY&T), where training materials are available and the process of learning is going. The course is divided into modules, each one must be mastered by the listener during a period of time with midterm examination. With the prescribed by the curriculum intervals the listener performs tasks and tests within the period specified by teacher.

 The listener at any time can ask questions the teacher in a special forum. Here a key role in training plays interactive communication of students both with teacher and between each other (if a few people are trained in parallel).



To enroll in distance learning of advanced training courses, you will need to: select the course you are interested in the "List of distance learning courses" IPK&PPK, then follow by an active link to the page "Education and Career" \ "Courses of advanced training and professional retraining RSUPESY&T" of Center of distant learning of MSU na M.V. Lomonosov Science Park website (it provides support for IPK&PPK RSUPESY&T distant program).

List of IPK&PPK distance learning courses



Task of distance education is to provide opportunity to listeners to study while they are in training camp, competitions, etc., to help in gaining of knowledge and passing of advanced training of specialists and coaches.

Now listeners from the most remote regions can undergo advanced training and obtain a standard qualificaton document / certificate in RSUPESY&T along with Muscovites under the guidance of experienced teachers of the University. To Muscovites the distant training system also provides significant advantages, saving time on the road.

The program of distance training courses fully consistent with the program of full-time advanced training courses, training is conducted by experienced teachers in strict accordance with the requirements of the program.



Compared with full-time courses of advanced training and professional retraining, distant learning system provides more freedom in choosing the mode of education and adapts to the individual needs and circumstances of listeners. Listeners are not limited by the exact time of classes and study when it suits them in the optimal own pace, following the curriculum, which implementation is strictly controlled by the academics of IPK&PPK.

 Distant learning provides individual attention from teachers who are in contact with listeners online: they check tasks and tests, discuss at the forums various problems arising during a course of training, answer questions, individually explain the most complex topics and sections of independent work.

Students who mastered the educational discipline are given a standard qualificaton document (with higher education) or certificate (for those with secondary and specialized secondary education).


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